Raksha Bandhan 7 August 2017

Raksha Bandhan 7 August 2017

Raksha Bandhan 7th August 2017

It is your brother who is always poised to help you whenever you feel like being stranded in the high tides of the ocean of difficulties. Nothing can mar the beauty of the bond of love & friendship that brothers and sisters share. And, Raksha Bandhan is the day that celebrates the perfectly devout bond, with a meaningful Rakhi thread that’s a kind of invisible connection!

When Raksha Bandhan 2017 will be celebrated?

Raksha Bandhan in 2017 will be Celebrated on 7th August

It is the month of Shravana when this auspicious festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated. The festival commemorates the pious bond that brothers and sisters share. According to the Hindu mythology, it is during Purnima day or full Moon day in Shravana month when the festival is observed!!

The best time to celebrate Raksha Bandhan during the day is the late afternoon which is also called “Aparahna”. In case the Aparahna time is not feasible, it can also be celebrated during the Pradosh time. It should be avoided to celebrate Raksha Bandhan during Bhadra which exits during the first half of Purnima Tithi. According to the Hindu religious texts, Bhadra is considered as an inauspicious time to observe any occasion like Raksha Bandhan.

Raksha Bandhan

Why Raksha Bandhan Is Celebrated?

During the festival of Raksha Bandhan, sisters tie the bond of love on the wrist of their brothers. That sweet act of tying Rakhi refers to the wish for a happy, healthy and long life for brothers that every sister prays for. In return brothers give a promise to their sisters that as long as there would be life, they will protect their them from every evil eye.

Shubh Timing to Celebrate Raksha Bandhan 2017!

Shubh Muhurat for the Rakhi Tying Ceremony 11:04 to 21:12
Total Duration for Rakhi Tying Ceremony 10 Hours and 8 Minutes
Aparahan Time during Raksha Bandhan 2017 13:46 to 16:24
Aparahan Duration 2 Hours 38 Minutes
Pradosh Time during Raksha Bandhan 2017 Celebration 19:03 to 21:12
Pradosh Duration 2 Hours 9 Mins
Start of Purnima Tithi 6th August 2017 at 22:28
End of Purnima Tithi 7th August 2017 at 23:40


Rakhi is an auspicious festival that holds a special significance in Indian culture…

Raksha Bandhan


The festival of Raksha Bandhan is entirely dedicated to the love and affection…

Raksha Bandhan



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